Brought to you by: Think Geek (just kidding but we love the site)

Actually this site is has been brought to you by Nona and her bitter half, Wade.

We love to travel. This blog is dedicated to our travels.

Our 208 day (okay so we called our blog 209postcards — it’s just that we like the number “9”) tour begins September 6, 2012. We will travel to Germany, Belgium, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal.

We hope to post a postcard a day while on our trip. Each day will include a sticky note and a picture. The site doesn’t come with any guarantees — enter at own risk!

Nona – High School English Teacher (she’s has had 21 exciting years in the classroom — it’s never a dull moment when teenagers are involved)

Wade – High School Math and Science Teacher (he can never remember exactly how many years he’s been in the classrooms — he’s had too much fun to care)

Our hometown is Rocky Mountain House, AB, Canada (don’t hold that against us).

The last big trip took place 2005 – 2006. We are on the move every 5 years. Damn those itchy feet!

I don’t think I heard it right the first time. What did Wade do?



16 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Wade and Nona, πŸ™‚ Mom and Dad made it home with no problems and wanted to let you know πŸ™‚

    Have a Great Trip,
    Murray πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for the note Jada. I miss the anti-social social club! Say “hi” to them for me. I hope you find a room soon! I am sending you a postcard – keep an eye out for it. πŸ™‚

    • We are still having a Wales of a good time. We just visited Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam today. What a beautiful day! How is it with you? We heard the Pope is leaving Germany and is on his way to Wales – which gives a whole new meaning to blow hole. I think you know who made that comment. We are glad you got your card. You never know . . . sometimes it gets where it supposed to, sometimes it ends up in Wales.

  2. We just arrived back from visiting with Trevor and Marion over in Castlegar. The locals there tell me the area is quite similar to Wales with the high mountains, ranging rivers and endless forest.
    Fishing is great in the Arrow Lake with Wales sightings not unusal. Now that I have a taste of Wales (within easy driving distance) we are contemplating the actual visit.
    Entrance into Wales is two for one right now but hurry as Tuesday will bring a doubling of exit fees.
    Keep up the reports as they are fun to follow. I’m especially anxious to read your review on the goat cheese and leek delicacies awaiting you in Wales.

  3. Hi Nona:

    Thank you for sharing your travel adventures.. my feet is so itchy they are burning now. Time to quit the job and rent the condo I think!?

    Enjoy your next stop(s)


    • There’s only one cure for itchy feet: get on the road! I swear I had itchy feet so bad (my last year before the trip) that I thought I should quit my job and go. I know you get that better than some do!

  4. Wish I was with you but enjoying the trip online. Yes – my feet get itchy too! How are your languages doing? Maybe I should meet you in Spain as your translator. :0). I imagine you in Paris using our French from Mr Stephan (hahaha aha)

    • We would love to have you as a translator. We are off to Spain in January. Although Wade does a pretty good job of translating for us, I think you’d be a blast to travel with. Our laughing would drive Wade crazy though. (He does like to drink dark rum too!) Speaking of laughing … Mr. Stephan – I wonder where he is? Those French classes were … “interesting”. Didn’t we get sent to the office once a week for laughing? … for laughing? Durr. Remember Madame and Monsieur Thibaut? I think they actually had us repeat “where can I buy cigarettes?” or something like that in French (lΓ  oΓΉ peux j’achetez les cigarettes?).

  5. You may find this totally random, but I am pretty sure Wade was my math teacher at Glenmary – Ziggy? Is that you? Double block of math = 6′ long Subway sub? Oh yeah!
    It’s Sarah Nickonchuk…I have been trying to find you on the interwebs for a while, and now I think I have. VIctory is mine! You can check me out on my little piece of the world wide web: http://cheezewhizandmustard.blogspot.com And I totally became a math teacher…because I’m cool like that.

  6. Wade was my math teacher at Glenmary about, oh,14 years ago…I tried posting a comment earlier and WordPress deleted it. Bad WP!!
    It’s Sarah Nickonchuk πŸ™‚ nice to find you (sort of) on the web.
    Since as far as I can tell, you are not on the dreaded zuckerberg book, you can visit me at my blog http://cheezewhizandmustard.blogspot.com
    And I became a math teacher, although I am currently raising my 3 kids ages 5, 4 and 1.

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