Take Two: The French Riviera

When it comes to classic old world decadence, nothing outshines the French Riviera. Basically it’s a chic “Vegas meets Hollywood”–with the same amount of sin– only here, the sin is more expensive.

Two wonderfully sinful and expensive cities located in the French Riviera are Monte Carlo-Monaco and Cannes. Blackjack and film are wicked playmates who lure many  innocent souls to an unfortunate end. However, could there be more to these cities than meets the eye?

For most, Monte Carlo-Monaco is known for its infamous casino and nothing more. That’s understandable since the casino is featured in at least three James Bond films – one of which is the more recent Casino Royale. The casino and its grounds are spectacular, and you can certainly see why it’s appealing to visitors.

Home to high rollers and the rich and infamous ...

The complex is also home to Monte Carlo's theatre and ballet companies.

As  you can see, the casino is stunning– it may even be more stunning than the Prince’s Palace– but there is MORE to the city than just a blackjack house … The city is also home to stunning views, fine villas, glorious yachts and unusual architecture. Simply put, don’t just gamble–stroll her streets, discover her charms for yourself.

Many of the Grimaldi family, including Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III, are buried in the Saint Nicholas church.

Breath taking view isn't it ? (Taken from the hilltop garden near the Saint Nicholas Church)

Einstein gets a bang out of one of the cannons at the Prince's Palace. (Perhaps that's why he is so blurry?)

Even the train station is decadently dressed …

The entire station, except for the tracks, is covered in marble.

The second city on our tour of the French Riviera is also a favored destination. It’s hard to believe that glamorous Cannes was once a fishing port controlled by monks. Today it is known for hosting the Cannes Film Festival. Many well-known North American and European film artists make a point of attending the festival in May (since 1938). Of course, that isn’t surprising. With her picturesque beaches, luxury hotels, fine restaurants and boutiques Cannes is a perfect playground for the rich and famous. For people like Wade and I the city makes a great day trip (from Nice). Mostly we come here to stroll the Promenade de la Croisette. Often we find simple ways to amuse ourselves or “while away” the time. Of course, having Einstein with us makes the visit even more enjoyable!

The hands of this celebrity gets the "thumbs down" from Einstein.

Beware ... of the dark side ... of the Force ... bwahahahaha!

Take a seat in the sun; enjoy the view, more importantly, relax.

George Clooney's hunting grounds.


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