A Very Merr-“E” Christmas Everyone!

E(Everybody)=m(mery) c(christmas) squared!

I have escaped the backpack and commandeered the computer … so I could bring you a special holiday message. My wish for each and every one of our friends and relativities is this: “Have a very Merr-“E” Christmas and a Happy New Light Year!”

I love m"E" some Christmas cheer!

The past year, especially our months on the road, has been very good to us! We hope it has been a good year for you as well. We look forward to visiting many new and exciting places. We are spending the holidays in Nice (Dec 23 – Jan 2) and then we are headed to Barcelona. Please keep in touch, we love to hear from you. If you want to send emails to moi, the”E” man, use either address: nona.barker@gmail.com or wade.kanzig@gmail.com.

Love Einstein

Christmas in Milan, Italy

P.S.  I would like a Barbie for Christmas!

P.P.S. Look for this new film next year: Toy Story 4

Definitely naughty ...



2 thoughts on “A Very Merr-“E” Christmas Everyone!

  1. Hi Nona and Wade – MERRY MERRY TO YOU! We’ve had a nice day with Eli and his parents. Erin and I are preparing salads and veggies for our Christmas dinner here tomorrow.Christmas through Eli’s eyes has been delightful. He was thoroughly spoiled – and not by this Grandma! Glad to hear your trip is going so well. Take care of each other and all the best in the new year.

    • Brenda – Thanks for the kind wishes. We are so happy that you have Eli in your life! We love seeing the Eli updates by Erin and Diane too. We are having a lot of fun but we can’t wait to see our friends and family again. We are having you over when we get home! No excuses. You take care too. We hope the new year brings you even more happiness and, of course, good health!

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