Lost in Venice

Going to Venice is like travelling back in time. As soon as you cross the lido – you leave the modern world behind and step into the past.  Every bridge you take leads you to a new vista – a square, a church, a shop of treasures are constants but they have their own look and feel. Each square has its ghosts and these ghosts determine each place’s atmosphere. Some places are warm and inviting, while others are more daunting – either way you know you have to walk them because they will lead you to a new old place. History is everywhere in Venice’s bones – you feel it with each step you take, and as you climb her spine, you feel fortunate –  you feel alive. Words cannot truly capture the beauty that is Venice. You really need to see it for yourself. Until then, walk Venice with us.

The image of the gondolier has become a Venetian cliche but at one time he was the life's blood of the canals - residents were dependent on him and his boat. At one time gondolas were the only form of transportation Venetians had. To us they are a beautiful reminder of Venice's glorious past.

The lion is an important symbol of Venice. You can even find this symbol in other cities. Ironically the Venetian lion of San Marco square originated in China.

This iconic Venetian building looks just as stunning at sunset. The church's name in English is also intriguing. When translated it means Basilica of St. Mary of Health.

This bell tower is famous because it came down in the early 1900s - and the angel that is found on top of the tower today survived the fall. She landed feet first -right in front of the Duomo! All of the bells survived the fall but one. When we were at the top of the tower the bells rang and rang! It was an amazing experience. The views are even better. You must see them for yourself!

If you come across a bridge in Venice, walk it. Who knows where it will take you.


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