Padova: The Roadhouse, Round House, & Round About

This town really kicked in our Padovian reflex as it was full of mouth watering sites. Although our wonderful and amazing hotel was far from everything, except the train station, we still managed to have fun in Padova! Our culinary tale began with the tasty views that accompanied our hotel breakfast. The 12th floor cafe provided a stunning panorama of the city. Every morning we would start the day by choosing which delight we would sample. There were so many choices, from the healthy greens at the botanical gardens to the protein overload at the Roadhouse to the angel food cake at St. Anthony’s Basilica, it was a buffet of culture. It was a movable feast too but we were the ones doing the moving. If we wanted to “taste” it – the price of admission was a very long walk!

Ralph's berries: tastes like burning. (The world's first botanical garden est. 1545).

Yum, it tastes like chicken.

Italian cows taste delicious too. (Our first taste of red meat in 3 months. Drool ...)

St. Anthony is the patron saint of lost items, the poor and travelers - all of which apply to us!

One of the largest city squares in the world.


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