Milano: A Church, A Castle and Cable TV (Part 1)

Wade – 4 Nona – 3

The scores that you see above are the number of times each of us has visited Milano. And each visit gets better. We love this quirky city. Many people think of it as one of the great fashion capitals of the world. Well, it is that – but it’s also more than that. Sure you can shop for designer “goods” until you drop – but you can also visit many intriguing sites. The first site that everyone must see is the Duomo. It is one of the most amazing cathedrals in Europe – especially its exterior. The cathedral is a popular place for locals to hang out – you only see them (for the most part) at the front of the church though – people rarely go inside except for the required Sunday service. The exception being, of course, are the gorbs (tourists); they usually wander in only to be underwhelmed. The interior is no match for the exterior – perhaps that is why the locals like to pass time outside the church. What makes the exterior so special you ask – well it could be the strange and gruesome depictions of martyrdom for hundreds of saints. One saint looks like a beautiful ballerina but when you look more closely you realize she has a broken neck. Another saint has been eviscerated – we fondly refer to him as “Sir Gut-boy”. These depictions should be off-putting but they aren’t. It’s hard to explain why these strange beings are more compelling than terrifying – you just have to see it for yourself. The tourists who walk the perimeter always point out the oddities to their companions – then they quickly take a picture. The church also has hundreds of different gargoyles. It takes several visits to spot each unique type. There are dozens of spires and each spire has it’s own statue. These statues are well over 6 or 7 feet tall as you can make out many of their features. The church also has three bronze doors. Each door depicts different scenes from The Bible (in bas relief). What’s interesting is that the locals, and some visitors, rub a religious figure for good luck. These figures might have exceptionally shiny hands, a foot or nose.

Home of 100+ Saints and 1000 Gargoyles

"Sir Gut-boy" (That's what we call him! I think you know who came up with that name.)

See Spot Maul! Bad Spot!

To be continued …



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