Stormin’ the Riviera

Our hotel room in Nice was nice; this was a good thing because we stayed in it a lot. For six days it rained hard enough to flood several coastal towns. The sea was angry – it washed away what little beach sand there was and it tried to wash away the infamous the “English Promenade” or the Promenade des Anglais . (Wade said, “even the hobos got clean”.) The police shut the promenade down on Wednesday as the waves were breaking over top of it. Now this may not seem like a big deal – but if you saw how high up the promenade was – you would be impressed! Poor Antibes got the worst of it though. The waves flooded many businesses and homes (ground floors) there.

At the end of week long stay we finally saw the sun – the glorious sun. It was 20 degrees and blue skies! It was great to sit by the ocean, listen to the waves and watch a Santa look-a-like, in a Speedo, build a miniature Stonehenge using newly exposed rocks. After this bit of street theatre we walked the entire length of the promenade to a lighthouse, and enjoyed every minute of it – even the hill! We capped the day off with a gourmet meal at the Bellagio. The owner Lou Bellagio even serves you! If you go to Nice you have to stop off at his place (#24 rue Meyerbeer). It has the best seafood dishes in town! Wade said, “it was the best meal we’ve had in France – ever”.

We are off to Milan. Lucky us.

Nice weather.

Nice is nice.

Nice palm trees.


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