Paris – a moveable feast

With our second visit to Paris we savoured both the familiar and unfamiliar on our own terms – and that made all the difference.

I have to admit that our first week back in Paris had more downs than ups – the second visit has been more balanced. I think it’s because we kept stumbling across things rather than mapping places out in advance or sticking to an agenda. Agendas aren’t necessarily evil but often they can neuter spontaneity.

Here are a few spontateous moments we were lucky enough witness this week in Paris:

– the zombie walk at the Pompidou Centre

– the sad faces of the French fans when their team lost the World Rugby final by one point

– the street markets that pop up unexpectedly on a Sunday or Tuesday afternoon

– the patient ticket agent at the SNCF Boutique – who somehow managed to get us from Paris to Avignon (via Lyon – for several hours) on a bank holiday

– the scooter accidents on rue de Seine

– the English dad waling on his obnoxious 13 year old in the Cluny museum

– the unusual St. Jacques Tower (which seemed to rise up out of nowhere like the “special” train exit in a Harry Potter novel)

– the “Great Canadian Pub” (found on the Left Bank near Notre Dame) – yup it has hockey sticks for door handles

Some surprises were less pleasant (but not life threatening):

– none of the museums we wanted to visit were open on a Tuesday

– this Saturday we have to spend 8 hours in Lyon because of a stoopid bank holiday

-my new hair colour (I always wanted to be a 40something goth in Paris

– not all Starbucks’ bathroom doors open easily (don’t ask either the poor Italian girl who was trapped in there for 20 long minutes or the French girl Wade scarred — I mean scared)

No matter what, we will carry our adventures with us – some will make us smile and some will make shutter. That’s life on the road.

Be careful out there. Or as the French say, Faites attention dehors là.

Has anyone seen the hunchback?

Beauty is skin deep folks!

16 Euro burger - take off eh?


9 thoughts on “Paris – a moveable feast

  1. Crap I PVRd the rugby final and hadn’t watched it before I read this and so I guess I can keep that 3 hours of my life!
    Hopefully it’s the kind that starts to fade after some washes.
    Zombie parade-tres cool!
    A parent disciplining their own child, a teen no less, Wowza! I think I would’ve started a round of applause!
    I love these by the way-Keep them coming.
    Missing you guys,
    Janel and Boys

    • I am glad we saved you 3 hours of viewing time! 😉 You are lucky you weren’t in La Poste with us today – you would have been ballistic. What a freak show! Perhaps we will dedicate a blog post to it! Ouch. Wade’s toe is on the mend – it has snapped back in place. We miss you and the boys too! Take care. Kisses.

  2. OH yeah-I am glad that Wade hasn’t had any long term damage from any ailments he may have suffered going off of the intinerary! Good Job Wade! We miss you too! Janel and Boys

  3. If you don’t know already, Tuesday is “All Saints Day”. Since it’s a huge Catholic holiday over here, it means pretty much everything will close. Tradition is to visit your departed relatives’ graves and leave candles or flowers. ….and of course to attend mass. It’s also the last holiday before Christmas. (Everything will close Dec. 25 and 26) Since it’s a Tuesday this year, I think a lot of places will close Monday to give their workers a long weekend. It also will means the overstock of candles in the stores this week will be on sale next week!

    • Thanks for the heads up Andrea. We learned that the hard way when we showed up in Barcelona on “All Saints Day” six years ago. It was like one of those post apocalyptic films. The streets were empty – and I mean empty. It was creepy. Also when we went to book our train passage from Paris to Avignon this week it was hard to find a direct booking unless we wanted to go late at night. So we are going to Avignon via Lyon. Yup we get to spend the day in Lyon. Lucky us. Love your comment on the candles. Perhaps we will be able to get some on sale next week! Take care.

  4. Hi Wade and Nona, we made it to Nanaimo last week without any trouble. Isee that you are having alot of fun over there. I hope that this E-mail gets to you. If it does we’ll be talking to tou soon. Dad

    • Dad, we’re glad you made it to Nanaimo safely. We are having fun. We had the best tour of Provence 2 days ago. We are off to Nice on Friday. We will contact you through gmail too. Miss you. Say “hi” to Mom for us. Wade and Nona

  5. HI wade and Nona, Had some trouble with my Computer all week. Finally got it going.I see that you are having a great time and that all is going well. Keep on having a great time. Marv.

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