Blue Skies in Chartres

Three days in paradise … after the hustle and bustle of Paris (and one broken toe) we needed a quiet place to regroup and find our bearings. Luckily we found what we were looking for in Chartres.

It is a lovely city with a nice quiet pace. I even had Wade looking at properties here as we passed various real estate offices in town! We might want to retire here – you never know.

Chartres is famous for its medieval cathedral with its blue stain glass windows – there’s even a colour named “chartres” after this unique blue glass. We loved the cathedral so much we visited it three times, and each time we saw something new. We even walked the contemplative maze inside the church. As you walk the intricate path laid out for you, you are supposed to let your worries go and simply think of  all the things you are grateful for.

Pilgrims stop here on their way to Spain as part of the pilgrimage of St Jacques-de-Compostelle. We saw some of these pilgrims yesterday – they wear unique necklaces with a shell on them. You collect special badges as you stop at each “approved” pilgrimage site. Most people mount these “badges” on their walking sticks.

The city is full of gourmet shops, and boy did we indulged in some amazing treats. We had French macaroons at a real chocolatier’s shop. We also had Brittany style crepes, handmade chocolates and cider. (Peggy, we even indulged in some hot chocolate!)

Best of all Wade’s toe snap back in place so he is on the mend. Despite his war wound we still managed to get a lot of walking in – even some steep hills with stairs today – so hopefully we are good to go again. We plan to return to Paris tomorrow – then we are off to Italy. It looks like we will spend Halloween in Italy. That’s a first.

But we will miss Chartres – and our lovely hotel room. It is huge – I even had my own purple chair. Très cool! Better yet – we can see the beautiful cathedral from our hotel window.


2 thoughts on “Blue Skies in Chartres

    • Thanks so much for the feedback Lauralee, we really appreciate it. I hope you get to visit Chartres someday. Très jolie. I can’t wait to go back.

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