Le metro, broken toe and off we go …

Our week in Paris had its ups and downs. Our trip to Le Defense was amazing — but the arch was closed so we couldn’t go to the top. Durr. We had a wonderful day at the Rodin Museum — but half the sculptures were on tour. Durr. Our hotel was newly renovated and beautifully decorated — but it was too small! Durr.

While in Paris, Wade was “attacked” by the elevator door in our hotel (his words, not mine) ; he ended up with a broken toe. Ouch! (Don’t worry – it’s much better now.)

Le metro checklist:

– stench of urine – check

– assorted crazy people – all of whom wanted to talk to Nona – check

– complete lack of change due to fares – check

– 800 people in one car – check

– lots of stairs to drag our luggage up and down – check

Despite the ups and downs we still enjoyed visiting some old haunts – especially the Eiffel Tower. We had a great day for that site. We also found a new museum – musee du quai Branly – at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. It houses artifacts from ancient cultures – none from the Western world (Greek, Roman or European). The masks, costumes and weapons were quite eclectic. The layout of museum was very modern and included several interactive stations and “music rooms (with visual imagery included)”. It also had a river of words, from various languages, that spilled across the floor of the entrance ramp like a moving current.

A prime high-rise office district in Paris.

"E" says this is a Paris hitchhiking shrine. LOL!

Look up! Way, way up!


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