A Canadian in Paris

Returning to Paris after being gone for five years is like coming home again, especially after visiting a few of our favourite haunts.

Yesterday we visited Ile St. Louis and had lunch at the Quai de Bourbon – the same spot we had a picnic lunch 5 years ago. It was fun sitting in the sun (which made an appearance after a quick blast of rain and mist) and watching the boats sail down the Seine, while we ate our very delicious patisserie treats.

We also revisited the Notre Dame Cathedral. For the first time we actually heard someone sing a hymn during a service. The woman’s lovely voice resonated through out the church – you could hear her voice clearly — no matter where you were. I will never forget it!

Of course there are gypsies everywhere. Their latest scheme is to pretend they found a gold ring then expect a reward for returning it. At least 4 performance artists tried this scenario on us yesterday. Today we only witnessed 3 performances, and every time we witnessed a performance we would say “Ringo”! This confused the gypsies – except for the last one who thought it was funny.

Today we walked the Avenue des Champs-Élysées on our way to the Arc de Triomphe. The place was crowded – several shoppers were out and about – many people enjoy the designer stores that line the avenue. Ironically they have a French fast food place on this street – it is called “Quick” – and it is the French version of McDonald’s.

The Arc de Triomphe is still a great monument to visit – it has been restored recently (cleaned) and looked great against the blue sky. If you climb the 284 steps to the top, you are rewarded with a great view on a clear day. We never get tired of the view! Next to the view the best part might be the traffic circle that surrounds the monument. It is a gong show – that is accompanied by the sound of many horns! Wade longs for an accident to happen – but they seem to dodge each other today.

Our favourite church in Paris.

A great place to suntan and watch crappy French drivers.


3 thoughts on “A Canadian in Paris

  1. I hope that you appreciated the ‘art’ along Champs – Elysee…like Chanel, Yves, Laboutin, Dior, Oscar, Hermes and of course the works of art for feet called Bahlaniks! I am so jealous right now you have no idea! Even though they do not taylor to the voluptuous woman, I still love to look at the designer clothes, they’re beautiful! I didn’t hear a hymn in Notre Dame that’s for sure….the song I got was Smyth yelling at me from living room “Get Up mommy I want toons! |Get UP!”

    • It is fun to window shop – and wish upon a star at the same time. I’d take Smyth’s yelling over gypsies and pigeons any day! Say “hi” to the little guy for us! We miss you.

  2. Filled with envy! We sure miss living there. That traffic circle is something else, the only time we ever drove it was on Sunday mornings after church. Ken and a buddy rode their bicycles up Champs Elysee and around the Arc de Triumph the day before the 2006 Tour de France. Quite the place! The gypsies crack me up – never a dull moment! Have a pain de chocolat for me!

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