Wet in Munich

Munich is a great city but the weather made it hard to take pictures – stoopid rain! With that said, we did manage to visit a wonderful art museum. It had a painting that Da Vinci completed when he was 21 years old – even then you could see him developing his own unique style. His faces are so mesmerizing – you can’t help but study them for long periods of time.
Don’t worry – we didn’t just walk the museums because of the rain! We also visited the Hofbaushaus – it is one of the most famous beer gardens in Germany. Wade said it has been around since the 1800s. You can sit indoors as well as outdoors. (No one was sitting outdoors yesterday that’s for sure!) They have beer mugs that require two hands – well for me, not Wade! They also have pretzels that are bigger than your head. Insane!
Today we hope to get some really good outdoor shots – no rain today. We are supposed to get up to 21 degrees which is better than 9 degrees!

"It's a good thing I didn't go with one of those pretzels that are larger than a human head! I will barely finish this one as it is!"

"My new friend is an elephant shrew. Cool, eh?!"


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