10 Things Learned in Germany

Top 10 Things Learned in Germany

10. Ham is actually a vegetable!!

9. Rainy days suck – even in great cities.

8. No one will ever use “pretty” and “neighborhood” near a train station.

7. Watch for bikes – especially in pedestrian areas.

6. The word “jumbo” is important – especially if it appears before the word “donair”.

5. Beware the “pee” tax – always have 50 cents in your pocket.

4. Every church comes with its own scaffolding and crane. Stoopid German pope.

3. Schnitzel is a German word which means “piece of meat larger than your head”.

2. Beer is cheaper than water.

1. We’re really going to miss this place!

All this - and beer and pretzels too!


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