Last days of summer in Nuremberg

The weather gods have been very generous with Germany but they are ready to remind us that Fall is here to stay. 22 degrees today – 9 degrees tomorrow. Yup, the endless summer has had it’s run!

Nuremberg is a postcard perfect city – Kaiserburg Castle, White and Grey Towers, old city walls – but it also has a score of designer shops and bratwurst restaurants. You guessed it – this place is the home of the official bratwurst. Sausage anyone?

We keep finding unexpected surprises here – gummi bear warehouse, Duff beer, an 8 foot long mutated bunny. See image below.

Yesterday we took a quick trip to Bamberg – the Altes Rathaus was beautiful but cathedral was broken! Scaffolding everywhere – along with cranes – Europe’s official mascot. Grr.

WiFi hasn’t been on our side lately – hence the lack of updates. Once again we have let Starbucks rescue us. At least the coffee is good.

Tomorrow we are off to Munich are last stop in Germany.

Be careful out there.

Buggy Bunny!?


2 thoughts on “Last days of summer in Nuremberg

  1. Wade said to tell you “that’s what happens to you if you go to Octoberfest!” Smart alec, eh? The sculpture is based on a famous Nuremberg painter’s (Durer) work. It supposed to show the dangers of over domestication or over breeding. Well, that’s the official story sent out by the tourism board.

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