The sweet smell of Cologne

Yes we know that Cologne was not on our original itinerary – what can I say, we decided to be spontaneous – and it has paid off! What a city. The weather has been fantastic. In the local news it keeps mentioning “Germany’s endless summer”. Today the temperature reached 27 degrees! Yahoo! The weather is supposed to remain warm until mid-week.

There are great walks here – my favorites so far have been to Huemarket, The Dom and the bridge crossing the Rhein.

The Dom is one of the best churches I have seen (and I have been on several ABC* tours). The details are spectacular. There are hundreds of statues and bas relief images on the church’s exterior – oh and I cannot forget the gargoyles – there are some really cool critters. The church is so ginormous that you can see it from every street in town.

Tomorrow were are off to Koblenz for a trip down the Rhein. After that I am going to, with Wade’s help, track down the original “cologne” named after the city.

For those of you who want to see Einstein in action but don’t have facebook, click here.

What a site! The Dom and the bridge crossing the Rhein.


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