Damn fine in Potsdam

Potsdam was damn fine – after we fought our way through the “hop on and off” agents who kept trying to sell us a ticket for their tour. The Sanssouci Park that the surrounded the palace was immense. There were many places to visit, except for the New Palace – it was under lock and key – I wonder if the Pope was there? (just kidding) The grounds took us to several places: the Chinese House, the Orangery,  a working windmill and the palace itself. There were a crazy number of statues as well. The site was under renovations so we were frustrated at times because large sections of the park had been dug up but not “repaired”. However we really enjoyed our walk in the the old growth forest. Ironically the name of the park and palace means “without worry”.

After visiting the park and palace we popped into the altstadt (old town). To enter it you had to go through their version of a Brandenburg gate – which isn’t quite as impressive as the one in Berlin. The old town was beautiful though. I love how they have cafes everywhere and open markets too. Like the Parisians, the Germans like to eat, drink and visit at outdoor cafes. They know how to live – and how to live well!

We’re off to Koln (Cologne) tomorrow.

Sanssouci beauty

Who you gonna call?


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