Berlin is a walk in the park

We made it to Berlin at around 5:40 pm last night. It was a long ride on two trains, followed by the S-bahn and the U-bahn (public transit) trips as well, before we reached our snug-as-a-bug hotel (hot plate and fridge – yahoo!). But the ride was worth it.  Today we already visited the Charolottenburg Palace and gardens.

Before we could get to the palace however, the police blocked the main road so that a ginormous motorcade could go through. There were helicopters in the sky and police vehicles of all makes and sizes were in abundance as they escorted several automobiles dotted with flags. A curious site for sure!

The palace grounds and gardens are quite mature – several old trees (mostly chestnut and oaks) fill the huge park. Locals love to walk or run the walkways and young children like to gather chestnuts. In the formal gardens a newly married bride and groom got their wedding photos taken while young children threw their home-made lunches at the ducks and swans. One type of duck looked rather bizarre. They were completely black with a touch of white on their crowns. (Wade thinks they look like satanic loons.)

Our neighborhood is quite handy – a lovely grocery store with very fresh produce is near by along with cafes and bars; there is a “pirate restaurant” as well. Arghh, matey! Off our room we have a teeny tiny balcony that overlooks a courtyard – we even have trees back there!

It’s going to be a good week . . .


One thought on “Berlin is a walk in the park

  1. I’ve been at a Pirate Bar in Berlin! Must be the same one. I had a very good dessert there.

    Berlin is one of my favourite cities in Europe! Second only to Salzburg. The Tiergarten, Museum Island, Sanssouci and Potsdam were all beautiful! So many places to see!

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