Wandering Salzburg Old Town

There was a festival on today in Salzburg – so old town was crowded with wall to wall people. It reminded me of Jasper or Banff in high season. We also saw two different wedding parties at two very different venues. One was held in the Mirabell gardens – which are still stunning even though we are near the mountains. They had a Tyrolean band playing and everything. The other was at a little church tucked along the river bank.

The street market was also lively and full of fresh produce. Loved the weird cabbage heads – they are shaped like cones, or those SNL cone heads — remember Jane Martin and Dan Aykroyd? (Max we took pictures for you.) There were purple potatoes, donut pretzels, hand-made wooden baskets (the Austrians like to use these to carry their produce in, or if they are lined – their picnic lunch), unusual flowers, sausages and cheeses – the list could go on and on.

Here’s a picture from the Mirabell gardens:

Enjoying the last of summer at the Mirabell gardens.


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