Soaring with eagles in Salzburg

Riding our only bus tour of the trip, we spent a lovely day in the alps. Today we learned that Hitler visited the infamous Eagle’s Nest 14 times and approximately 83% of the people who take bus tours are certifiably insane. (You can put us in whatever percentile group you like.)

The ride up to the Eagle’s Nest was like driving up through Golden, BC before they improved the road. It’s a one way goat trail at best!

Once at the top we could see back into Austria. It was a beautifully clear day and the hike to the top (after visiting the nest) was great. The zoom lens on Wade’s camera is amazing. He got a shot of a lake that was in the valley below us.

We stopped in Brechtgarten (sp) for lunch. The schwarze Johannisbeere flavoured gummy bears were delicious – real fruit flavour! Insread of having a proper lunch we decided to walk around town. The barvarian decoration was … interesting. Wade calls it “German hillbilly” art. Okay then.

Yes, we remembered Einstein. Here he is:

I can see my house from here.


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