Original E in action

This is one of my favorite pictures of Einstein in Scotland.  Plus I love the story that goes with this picture. It goes like this . . . we stopped by a Scottish pub while in Oban (we picked this place to visit by its name and nothing more) and decided to share a brew with “E”. Of course, right away everyone in there knew we weren’t locals. This did not deter us. We chatted up people and they were friendly. We met an older couple (60s??) and had a nice conversation with them. We offered to buy them a pint and you would have thought we asked them to join us in a double homicide. They politely but firmly told us they only have one and then stop.  “One is enough, you see.”  Wade figured they just weren’t used to anyone offering to buy a pint for someone else — yes there is a Scottish tightwad joke in there somewhere.


2 thoughts on “Original E in action

  1. …it’s only 6 years ago I met you there! Amazing, I feel like it’s since ever! Hope this edition of European travelling will exceed all the experiences you had here! Looking forward seeing you!

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