Einstein 2

Here’s the original . . . Which one should go with us? The original or the new one?



3 thoughts on “Einstein 2

  1. The old one! You have the option to put him in a lot more poses than the new one. More creativity = more fun! Pose-ability is something my wished my miniature stuffed Mountie moose could do.

    • I agree 100% Andrea. Of course Wade doesn’t agree, so we are bringing both “E’s”!! I will let the Original E ride with me. In order to change his mind, all Wade needs to see is the Original E in action (via our 2005 – 2006 pictures)? What do you think?

      I wish there was a pose-able Mountie moose — that would be so Canadian.

      Has anyone seen a pose-able Mountie moose? Let us know!

      P.S. How come pose-able is not a word?

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