These boots are made for walking

I know we aren’t leaving for some time yet but that doesn’t mean I can’t begin “prepping” for the trip! I bought these “boots” last summer — when we were in Nanaimo. They ain’t pretty but they’re made for walking! They also feel like a second skin while wearing them. Lowa makes great footwear. If you have to do a lot of walking, you want these bad boys! Yup!


One thought on “These boots are made for walking

  1. I am commenting on my own post because I am testing my iPhone again. This post and picture (like the last one) were sent from my phone. It’s important that this method works as it will be the easiest way to stay connected while on the road. I also wanted to see the difference between a medium sized image and a small image. Let’s hope this “testing” phase will pay off . . . especially once we are on the road again.

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