This is the winter of our discontent :(

February is almost over and it’s -22 degrees. Durr!

We still have 2 more report periods to go (and a progress report–grr!)

According to this site, we have, counting today, 4 months and 13 days left until our summer vacation begins. After that we have 2 months and 8 days before we leave on our trip.

Both of us have bronchitis.

Looking at the beautiful Ponte Vecchio makes us even more anxious to be on the road. (We took this picture on our last visit to Florence, home of the lemon cello, Irish biker pub.)

How much more discontent do you want?

Bah humbug, you say!? Consider this:

After winter comes spring, and with spring comes hope; a hope that we will be on the road again.


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